Our Story

Do you remember when you first became acquainted with the smell of coffee? Being politely awakened by the slow, warm scent of coffee reaching across the house. It is one of the most blissful memories we can recall. The smell roaming down the halls, through the stairwells, to the basement, and out the door. The bold and confident aroma seemed to perfectly articulate Good Morning, enchanting everyone in the house without remorse.

This is the origin of Brewed Black Coffee and has been the catalyst for its inception. Founded in 2021, this small family business is focused on providing every person with not only an exceptional cup of coffee, but an invaluable experience. We are driven to build a community that supports hospitality, growth, positive experience, and creating the best lifestyle. We know that to some people coffee is how they start their day, for some it's a ritual and for others it's a break from life - and this is why we are here. To be a part of your experience and journey. To add to the good, and make it great.