Collection: Black Label Luxury - Our Natural Aromatherapy Candles

We have expanded our hospitious experience and now offer an exclusive collection of all natural hand poured wax candles. Our Black Label Luxury Collection provides every household, office or workplace with the ablity to transform any atmosphere. Carefully selected and currated scents that are sure to arouse every sense.

For our candles we use a premium natural wax blend. Made of natural Coconut wax and Apricot oil, our wax is 100% non-toxic and farsuperior to any soy wax. We are using clean aroma oils for our candles. 

Our candles are poured into a 9oz amber glass straight-sided round jar with 70-400 neck finish. Straight-sided jars have a wide mouth and thick walls. The amber color will amplify the candle light.


Color: Amber

Size: 9 oz

Material: Glass

Diameter: 2.85 in

Height: 3.46 in